Anatomical Heart, Ashes Locket

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Carry your loved one in your heart forever. 
Sterling Silver
33mm high x 23mm wide x 16mm deep
Unseamed Sterling Silver Snake Chain
Empty Glass Vial
Meticulously hand sculpted anatomical heart locket that opens up and holds an empty vial on the inside. Vial is held in place with a small piece of putty. A tiny rubber plug is in the top of the vial that can eventually be glued into place to keep the contents secure. The silver lid on the vial is also held in place with a small piece of putty. Heart stays closed with a strong rare earth magnet. 
All of our Silver is ethically sourced with our commitment to environmental responsibility. Each piece is expertly handmade one at a time in Los Angeles, California.
Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for this to be handmade just for you.