About Sanazar Rose

For the eclectic souls in touch with their darkness and their light

Sanazar Rose was created for you

To express your love, your spirit and your uniqueness 

Adorn yourself and your home with handcrafted, high quality, art and jewelry while giving back to the earth. Every purchase plants a tree. 


About the artist and founder of Sanazar Rose,

Lauren Sannazzaro Swift:


I was born on Earth Day and was raised in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. I have always had a strong connection to nature and a desire for creating art. Many of my pieces have an organic flow that reflects the perfectly imperfect creations of nature. 

My work uses symbolism to represent the universal constants of life: love, change, balance, growth and death. These are things that we all experience throughout our lifetimes and are things that have transformed my life repeatedly.

I believe that art and jewelry should be meaningful and symbolic and I strive to achieve that every time I create a new piece. I love seeing people’s reactions when they get a custom piece of jewelry from me. I love their excitement and happiness. Their joy and emotion is felt so strongly and I feel so honored to make them something meaningful. 

Thank you so much for visiting and I would be honored to make something for you!